Filenergy – A simple file sharing tool written in python using flask

Recently I started looking at Flask as a fully-featured framework ready to compete with Django. And I don’t mean it just for simple application that don’t need to access a database. With the amazing Flask-migrate package and thanks to SqlAlchemy and Alembic we are now able to apply migrations on production databases just like we used to do with Django’s South.

The results of my first complete app using Flask and the stack I mentioned above: A simple file sharing tool.

I’ll attach some screenshots here but I think the app just talks for itself. It’s really simple to use it and It can be very useful to share files with other people or just with yourself, as storage service.

You can find a live demo at (In case you want some customization I’d love to work for you making the product suitable to your needs!)

Of course it’s open source and the code is available at



Hope you enjoy it!