My last one weekend project of 2012

In the last weekend of 2012 I wanted to build a project before the year ends. So last Friday 28/12 I started coding this new idea, a github repos aggregator for open source projects. Think in it as a hackernews-like site but for projects hosted on github.

It was challenging to build an application in so short time, but recently I’ve participated on many hackathons where the development sprint is about 10/48 hs of non-stop coding. So I’m kind of used to do this stuff now, and I like it!

The good thing about one weekend projects is that you can keep the focus on one thing. Just one thing. As Unix philosophy says, do just one thing but do it really well, I think hackathon’s projects follow the same pattern. In a very short time you have to focus on solving one problem, but in a pretty new and amazing way.

My new idea, hackersprojects aims to solve the fragmentation in the open source community by providing developers a way to share, discover, vote, comment and contribute open source projects. The site is pretty similar to hackers news and the algorithm used to rank trending projects was taken from this analysis on the hacker news ranking algorithm.

The project is completely open source so you can take a look at the repo on and, why not, send a pull request to contribute with something you may find useful. It will be appreciated. The idea is to make this project grow with the community.

Nothing less to say, just enjoy it! Right now it’s up and running since 9PM 31/12 UTC time. So I guess I accomplished my goal, which was to have a first working implementation before the year ends.

Here is the link:

Regards and happy new year of coding!

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