New year’s Post (Part II)

I started this blog exectly one year ago and loved so much sharing posts and getting feedback from people who read me. Also I think I made the better choice when I decide start blogging with WordPress. WordPress have very nice features to help me to write posts and include code snipets in them (by the way, almost all of my posts are about software programming).

This was my first year as a blogger. I learned too much the past year and I’m really glad to have a place which allows me to share my acquired knowledge. I hope will be able to continue doing that in this brand new year.

I’m sure this will be a great year for my professional carrer and I will have too much to share here. I started a Company, got more jobs and more interesting activities to do. That’s awesome to me but I wish won’t make me stop writing by lack of time.

Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll always find time to write. I love so much this and I’ll ever be back here, the place I discovered exactly one year ago.

Now, One year after my first post, I promised myself to write one post every first day of every new year. Just for remember, just for recall the time when I started…

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