Crawley Cloud

I want to share this new web site I’m building. It’s called crawley cloud and will be a crawling and scraping network built on the top of crawley framework.

The original idea of crawley cloud emerged from the lack of a user friendly interfaces to allow every people to search and extract data from the internet. The main goal of this network will be provide the user a bunch of tools (like a customized web browser) in order to make easy the task of searching and extracting data from web sites.

The users will be able to register in this site, download these tools and store theirs projects on the server. Also they would store the extracted data into their accounts and access it whenever they want!

We’re thinking about presenting the extracted data in a real time way too. Wich will provide a more interactive task.

And most importat. It all will be based on an open source framework. So you are able to contribure when you wish!

It’s just the beggining of the project, so if you need to extract data from a specific web site right now you can contact us and we will be glad to help you! Just go to our contact page and send us an email with the details.

Keep reading for updates!