5 thoughts on “Django Facebook Integration Using Pyfb

  1. hi ,i have problem

    i can’t set FACEBOOK_REDIRECT_URL=http://localhost:8000/pyfb/facebook_login_success

    browser return
    “error”: {
    “message”: “Invalid redirect_uri: \u61c9\u7528\u7a0b\u5f0f\u8a2d\u7f6e\u7121\u6cd5\u63a5\u53d7\u6b64\u500b\u7db2\u5740\u3002”,
    “type”: “OAuthException”

    but i set FACEBOOK_REDIRECT_URL=’http://www.facebook.com/’
    i can work

    Can u give me some advise?

    • Oh, I fought with that before.

      Try settings the REDIRECT_URI to ‘http://localhost:8000/pyfb/facebook_login_success/’
      Note the ending bar ‘/’. Facebook only accepts that kind of urls.


  2. Thanks for the simple code ,
    is there a code to logout ?
    is there a decorator like @facebook_login_required? How do I check if loggedin ?

    • Hey, Sorry for the delayed response.

      We don’t implement decorators to add support for login checking on django. But I’d recommend to use the django auth mechanism within pyfb.
      That way you can login/logout a user into the django auth backend when he login/logout through facebook.

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