Simple, Fuly-Functional Web Browser On PyQt4

Finally here’s the new app. A Simple, fully-functional web browser that runs over PyQ4 and WebKit.

I was delighted with the beautiful of Qt interfaces and the powerfull of the embeed component, WebKit. These ones, combined in a well designed python code gives as result, my new app.

This application have the most of the common and basics features of a web browser. You can browse the internet like using FireFox or Google Chrome. And the most important, you can extend the program and do whatever you want with the user requests, pages and every stuff on the web. Think about how powerfull is that. There’s a lot of things you can do using this app as the base.


  • Fully-functional web browser
  • Multiple tabs
  • Standard Web Browser Command Buttons
  • Standard Web Browser Shortcuts
  • Smart Http pages completition
  • Well designed / Very Extensible
An assortment of snapshots:


  • python
  • python-qt4
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